About the Community Speaker Program

The Community Speakers Program was developed by Cancer Council NSW to inform the community of relevant and up-to-date information on cancer. It does this through the delivery of 30 minute presentations, information resources and displays on a variety of subjects such as prevention, early detection, support services, research and Cancer Council NSW involvement in the community.

Why the need?

Access to quality information is a fundamental element of a healthy community. We know that many cancers can be prevented or more easily treated if they are detected early. We also know that a healthy lifestyle will significantly help to reduce our risk of cancer. Through reinforcing this message with education and resources we are awakening thousands of people every day to the realisation that cancer is a social issue and that by taking action, they hold the power to save hundreds of lives each year.

Who are Community Speakers?

Community Speakers are specially recruited and trained to be one of the important links between Cancer Council NSW and the community. Speakers can deliver presentations to a wide variety of audiences such as:

  • Community groups
  • Sports Clubs
  • Support groups
  • Multicultural groups
  • Corporate organisations

We have a range of options available to those with English as a second language and presentations can be tailored to differing cultural needs.

How to book a Community Speaker

Simply contact the nearest Cancer Council NSW Regional Office to discuss your needs. We recommend to request your speaker at least three to four weeks prior to your event. Presentations are free of charge for community groups and organisations. A small fee applies for corporations. Please click here to book a Community Speaker Presentation.

Interested in becoming a Community Speaker?

Our Community Speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds – you don’t need to have any previous experience in public speaking or presenting. All our Community Speakers receive training prior to starting speaking engagements in order to build confidence and provide them with the skills and knowledge to educate the community. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Community Speaker. Click here to register your interest.