Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources

Stories Book

Aboriginal Cancer Journeys: Our stories of kinship, hope and survival is a book of stories from Aboriginal people affected by cancer. It includes personal insights and words of wisdom so Aboriginal people can get an insight into other people’s experience of cancer. Aboriginal Cancer Journeys [Size: 557 KB]

Fact Sheets

Cancer Council NSW and the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council have also developed some fact sheets that provide easy-to-read information about cancer, its treatment and side effects. Click on the links to download the fact sheets.

  • What is cancer? This fact sheet provides easy-to-read information about cancer and addresses common myths about cancer.
  • Cancer treatment This fact sheet gives information about the main treatments for cancer. It also covers common side effects that some people experience.
  • Making treatment decisions This fact sheet talks about making decisions about cancer treatment, including what you may have to pay for treatment and getting a second opinion.
  • Talking about cancer It is sometimes hard to talk about cancer with your doctors and nurses. You may not know what to ask. This fact sheet provides a list of questions that you may want to ask your health care team.
  • Practical information for people having cancer treatment This fact sheet covers information about practical issues, such as paying for treatment, where you might go for treatment, and what to do if you want to complain.
  • Looking after someone with cancer This fact sheet is for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who look after someone with cancer. It gives suggestions about organisations (such as Carers Australia) that may be able to help.
  • Natural therapies and cancer Many people use natural medicines or complementary therapies when they have cancer. This fact sheet explains what natural therapies are, and how they are used for people with cancer.
  • What is palliative care? This fact sheet gives information about looking after people with a terminal illness.

Cancer Council NSW and Menzies School of Health Research have collaboratively produced fact sheets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about cancer information for patients, their families and friends. This was undertaken in conjunction with a Clinical Advisory Group and an Indigenous Consultation group.

  • What is cancer? This fact sheet provides information on cancer facts, about cancer growth, the difference between benign and malignant tumours, and who to speak to.
  • Understanding cancer talk This fact sheet provides a glossary of key terminology doctors may use about types of cancers, treatment, and the roles of different health professionals.
  • Surgery This fact sheet provides information on surgery for cancer treatment, and answers key questions a patient may ask about the procedure.
  • Radiotherapy This fact sheet provides information on radiotherapy for cancer treatment, and answers key questions a patient may ask about the process.
  • Chemotherapy This fact sheet provides information on chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and answers key questions a patient may ask about the course of treatment.


Surviving Cancer: Four stories of hope from Aboriginal people is a valuable resource that offers personal stories of four cancer journeys of Aboriginal people. To order this resource, fill out and return the Publications Order Form (click to access).

Other information available

Call the Cancer Helpline on 13 11 20 from anywhere in New South Wales for confidential, free information and support about any aspect of cancer. To learn more about what our Cancer Helpline offers you, click on the ’13 11 20′ icon on the right hand side of the page. Cancer Council also publishes a range of booklets on different cancer types and issues affecting people with cancer. See a list of our other cancer information.