Radiotherapy health professionals

Some health professionals who care for people having radiotherapy are listed below. You will also see other health professionals who specialise in diagnosing and treating the type of cancer you have.

  • Radiation Oncologist – a specialist doctor who prescribes and coordinates the course of radiation treatment and advises about side effects
  • Radiation Therapist – plans and delivers radiation treatment
  • Radiation Oncology Nurses – help you manage emotional and physical problems, such as side effects that you may experience
  • Radiation Physicist – ensures that the machines are running correctly in order to deliver treatment accurately and safely
  • Dietitian – recommends an eating plan to follow while you are in treatment and recovery
  • Social Worker, Physiotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Occupational Therapist – advise and help you on support services and help you get back to your usual activities
  • Pastoral Carer – helps with any religious or spiritual problems.
This information was last reviewed in February 2014
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