Want to help research? Join a Research Study

It is simple to become involved in a research study, and it may provide you with a way you may not have considered to make a difference in the fight against all cancers.

Participation in a research study will typically involve completing a questionnaire-based survey, participating in a focus group or an interview. It will always be your choice if you want to take part. Please note that study participants do not necessarily have to have been diagnosed with cancer.

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When there is a research study for which you appear to be eligible, the researchers will make contact with you to invite you to join. Participation is entirely voluntary. We may not have a study for which you are eligible immediately but we ask that you leave your details available indefinitely. You will be contacted as soon as we have an appropriate study available for you.

Please be assured that all information supplied by you will only be used for determining your eligibility for research projects. This information will be kept in a password protected electronic database accessible only by appropriate Cancer Research Division staff. Your details will only be shared with people managing ethically approved studies for cancer research.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how to access or ask to correct personal information held about you by Cancer Council, or to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles. Contact us on (02) 9334 1900 or email privacy@nswcc.org.au for a copy.

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These forms are translated into languages other than english: Greek, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese. Click here to access the translated documentation.